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RNLI Double Greensomes - Draw

It's on Sunday 30 April, that's less than a week away!  Open to any pairs combination.

This competition is always a favourite at Colvend - spaces left, so call the clubhouse to get your name on the list.  The forecast is looking good, too.

Draw for tee times:

8.06        J Fulton & R McDougal (Wig Co)

8.18         J McClure & T McClure (Col)

                 J Sanders & A Higgins (Dbt) 

8.30        P Smith & R Flavelle (Col)

                J McCormack & E Neilson (Col)

9.06        T Wilson & M Copp (Col)

                K Leslie & R Schutz (Col)

9.30        C Stewart (Col) & H Hill ( Pocklington)

                C MacDonald & D MacDonald (Col)

9.42        K Stenton & G Roddick (D&G)

                P Robinson & R Dobson (D&G)

9.54        G Beattie & J Ashwood (Loch)

                S McLelland & C McMinn (Loch)

10.18     A Donaldson & R McCourt (Col)

               I Webb & C Montgomery (Col)

10.42     N Montgomery & A Cairns (D&G)

11.30     F Morgan & S Slater (Dbt)

               A Davidson & M Davidson (Loch)

11.54     J Dalziel & M Dalziel (Louden)

               J Scott & L Scott (Pow)

12.06     J Niven & R Richardson (Dbt)

               J Mahoney & C Mahoney (G'gow)

12.30     S Niven & T Niven (Dbt)

12.54     J Coulthard & S Coulthard (Carlisle)

                A Clark & M Clark (Col)

13.30     G Irvine & D McRobert (Loch)

                D Armstrong & S Hyslop (Loch)