28 May 2016

Local Environment and Area

Colvend Golf ClubAs we have already said our location is second to none in terms of accessibility from the various tourist destinations in the South West of Scotland.

With good fortune (and good timing) you may be lucky enough to see some of the fauna which inhabit the course and its surrounding area.   The woods around the golf course are inhabited by Red Squirrels.   As regards flora there are many large, old hardwood trees which provide a superb habitat for these endangered creatures.    This is a Red Squirrel conservation area. 

Early morning and at twilight, you might see Roe Deer making their way across the fairways, seeking cover and to feed.  

After dark Badgers can be found visiting the course foraging for food.   Unfortunately a side effect of these visits is occasional damage to small areas of fairway and occasionally tees – please don’t hold it against us, we do try to repair such damage as soon as we find it.

Additionally, Foxes and Rabbits are frequently found and we are also home to the indigenous Adder, the UK’s only poisonous snake.   Adders are few and far between and are genuinely more scared of you than you will be of them.   There are no recorded cases we are aware of where anyone has been bitten by a snake on the golf course.

Local environment and area
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